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Our Water and Air quality have been compromised. They now have to be filtered. Do you know when they last changed the pipes your water flows through? What is in your ducts? Point of use filtration is now a necessity. Drink PiMag Water....the water of LIFE!

  • Use water filtration that removes all of the bad stuff.
  • It also needs to add the life back into the water....healthy minerals
  • It needs to reduce the water cluster for easy absorption.
  • It needs to be oxygenated
  • It needs to be economical and easy to use
  • It needs to be alkaline water
  • It needs to be good for the environment
  • Shower filtration is as important as filtering the water you drink. You absorb more toxins from one 15 minute hot shower than you do from drinking 8 glasses a day for 30 days of tap water.
  • Luckily for you....I found a company that provides all of these features in their water filtration.
  • Nikken....A Health Research Institute studies and creates product solutions.
  • Watch the video........ and peruse this link! I am here to answer questions.

Healthy conditioned uplifting's easy to breathe, keeps you healthy and happy! The KenkoAir Purifier.

  • Once again.....don't worry about what is in the duct work. Point of use air filtration....after the duct work.
  • Airborne filtration, cleans 99.99% of what is in the air you breathe.
  • Filtration that conditions the air, makes it healthier without adding any ozone, which is toxic to your family & pets. Did you know ozone & UV Lights, may cause, headaches, irritability, sleeplessness, and breathing challenges?
  • Quiet mode, so you can rest without noise and lights.
  • It's special.....more than air filtration. It's uplifting and calming....happy bonus effects!
  • Can be used with the doors and windows open. Easy to move from room to room.
  • Watch the video above.....then peruse this link for the KenkoAir Purifier. Once again, still here to answer questions! You can find it in the while supplies last list or products.
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