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Pet Health & Vitality

The Health and happiness of our pets are very important to us today. Vet visits can be more expensive than our own visits to the Doctor. Keeping them healthy and preventing what we can, is once again a smart outlook.

Nikken has a variety of products that your pets can utilize. My two cats drink the Nikken Waterfall Living Water. They sleep on Nikken Petpad's as you can note in the photo above. They both wear the Powerbands around their necks. They have the Pet Joint tablets and Greenzymes added into their food everyday. They both love being under the Kenkolight Full Spectrum Lamp, (since they are indoor cats, they need this light) They love whenever they get magnetic massage with the Magduo or the Magcreator. If there is a Kenko Seat or Dream Light Comforter nearby, there will be a cat gravitating to lay upon it.

These are Nikken Cats! I have never met an animal that has turned it's nose up at a Nikken product and said, "I don't believe in Magnets, or technology!" Animals naturally feel the energy of what is good for them, and take advantage of it. I have met several dog owners that have mentioned that their dogs have sensitive skin. The PiMag Microjet Handheld Shower with Filter makes it easier to bath your pets without the harmful chemicals in our water today.

Many individuals have animal allergies. They may not own a pet themselves, but they may visit friends or make house calls for their work to a home that contains animals. The KenkoAir Filter system makes it easier for an allergic visitor to be comfortable when they visit you since it is cleaning 99.999% of contaminants that are airborne. If I have a friend that is especially allergic, I will put one of the Nikken Functional Necklaces on that individual while they are visiting. I have never had a visitor have to leave due to an allergic reaction. Both Powerbands and Magnetic Necklaces are effective.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure for everyone in the home.

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