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The BEST Energy Foot Bath works through the most basic and plentiful substances in your body, water.

The human body is approximately 80% water. It functions by transferring electromagnetic signals. Similar to a car battery that charges a car, the human body may greatly benefit from being re-charged/energized. The BEST Energy Foot Bath recharges the body with electromagnetic signals that are transferred from the water module, into the foot spa, and then absorbed by the body. This cleansing foot spa is like having your own private mineral hot spring! Just add hot water and experience 30 to 35 minutes of energizing and relaxing detox.

The BEST Energy Foot Bath is built in the USA, each energy spa is custom made to order, hand crafted by experienced engineers and technicians. We use UL-approved parts. The device comes with a 3 year limited warranty for the power supply and a 30 day warranty on the water module.Click here to go to the webstore to order. I consider this plus the Relax Sauna to be my at home extra insurance to stay healthy and vital.

We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry.

Not all energy foot spas are created equally!

Caution: be aware of other foots spas that may reverse the current to go around the world wide patent on this amazing technology.

Our bodies are delicate vehicles that strive to maintain a balance; a harmony of hydration and an even flow of detox. The influx of pollutants and carcinogens that flood our cities and are added to our food deter our bodies' natural detoxification processes. This can result in an increase in fatigue, immune deficiencies and many other health care issues.

Energy must be provided to balance the body. The BEST Energy Foot Bath is an ionic foot bath that utilizes aircraft quality grade parts to boost bodily energy, allowing the body to reach its full potential! Positive and negative energy fields are transferred into the water and the body absorbs that energy. The energy is then used by the body to detox and cleanse. The BEST Energy Foot Bath starts the detoxification process on three levels: through the colon, urinary system, and skin; respectively.

The energy provided by the foot bath is pure and clean and identical to the human body's needs.

2003 Nobel Laureates Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon study the movement of energy through cellular ion channels. Their research linked reduced healthcare issues to increased amperes of energy in the body. To read more about their work click here.

The BEST Energy Foot Bath is the highest performing ionic foot spa available that uses both positive and negative energy patterns in the foot bath to increase your natural detoxification process. The energy recieved by the body from the holistic BEST Energy Foot Bath may result in boosting live blood cell levels and it might decrease symptoms of health challenges.

"I had a back injury occur while assisting someone move a refrigerator in October 2004 and was pinned on a stair. Long story short the result was much pain and a bulging disk. It took me over a year to feel somewhat better. I still can't lift much weight. 10 lbs. can be too much sometimes. Doing the foot spa has helped pull my pain out from the affected area each time I have it done."

Chris & Nate, WI

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