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Testimonies. I love testimonies! They are true stories from individuals that have received benefits. They are grateful people that are happier now than they were before. Happier is always better. I have many, many testimonies from all of these technologies.....I am very grateful!

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to write a testimony for me! I am grateful to you!

Peace, love, gratitude, karma and joy blessings to you! Linda

I was busy the first two weeks of June. We had our 21st festival of our bluegrass organization and I was trying to get my garden in. We had a late and very wet spring. On June 15th I went to the emergency room with a really painful eye condition. Unbeknownst (at that time) to me, I had a woody piece of stem thrown into my eye during the cultivation of my garden. I received a shot in the keister for my pain and a directive to go and see my eye doctor. Nothing was recovered from my eye that evening. The next day I visited my eye doctor. As soon as the nurse came into the room and took a look at my eye and face she said, 'You have shingles!' The doctor looked into my eye to determine what damage may have been done to the eyeball. He found no foreign matter and requested that I come

back the following week for a checkup. The eye exam was excruciating. 

At that time I started on a medicine for the shingles, a pain killer and prednisone. Three days after the eye doctor's visit the woody stem washed out of my eye. The pain receded and within a week and 1/2 the spots and scabs were mostly gone. I still had sensitivity to bright lights and was unable to drive. My son was driving me through town one day and I was feeling quite good. I reached up to scratch the side of my face where the shingles were and a hot flash like being hit with a blow torch raced across my face and head. I was screaming in pain and rolling around in the car seat. I'm surprised that we didn't end up in a ditch or the path of an oncoming car. After somewhat regaining my faculties I sprayed pi-water onto my face and eased the sharpness of the pain. I also used CM cream and it helped.I spent most of my days in bed and occasionally wandering around from chair to chair in my darkened house. I used cold compresses, Pi-water, CM cream and softly playing piano music to sooth my head. Each day I could see progress but it was very slow and I was not a fully functioning individual. 

On Labor Day I was speaking with Linda Morris on the phone expressing some of my issues and irritations when she offered to do some emotional release work with me. I consented and later on that day she (over the phone, through the use of surrogate) she did quite a few emotional releases. My discomfort from my head and eye were significantly diminished. Linda has the results documented. We did a follow up emotional release session about a month later. Once again my discomfort levels were diminished and I was able to function much better. At this

point in time I have bouts of itching around my eye and eyelid. Pi-water and CM cream eliminates the itching. I no longer spend my days with full or even partial awareness of my summer's issues. I still have some scar tissue in my right eye but it does not hurt nor am I always aware of it. I do not continuously have discomfort on my forehead or eye. Yes, if I overdo and have a stressful and/or active day, I do notice an irritation around that area of my face. At this time that summer seems like a bad dream. I lost it completely to this disease and I am aware that stress and neglect of myself allowed the virus to attack my injured eye. My thanks to Linda for her intervention and assistance. I was becoming quite irritated and frustrated with my condition and my inability to get back on track. I have thoughts of sharing with my Doctor what really helped me turn the corner on my recovery.

Maureen Bartlett

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