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Let me tell you a bit about myself before I found Nikken and afterward. I invite you to click here to view the products..

What my lifestyle was like before Nikken....My head hurt 24 hours a day for 22 years. I was born with a neck issue and environmental sensitivities. I traveled all the time as a flight attendant and although I lived in Florida I commuted to St. Louis to go to work.

I enjoyed the flexibility of being a flight attendant, however I really loved being at home. I have always been intrigued with complimentary medicine so I was open to the wellness home concept when I was introduced to it.

I love my lifestyle now! I love the freedom of working from my wellness home or wherever I may be at that minute. I love living and working in this healthy environment. Everyone deserves to drink water that truly hydrates your body, to breath air that is healthy and conditioned, to sleep within a sleep system that helps your body every night....I really love my bed! Supplementing my diet with whole food nutritionals that consistently assist my system.

My purpose is to do my part to make the world a healthier place. I am financially compensated for my efforts by Nikken. I connect individuals to Nikken so they can make little changes that positiviely enhance their families. What is better than that? I am looking for individuals wanting to feel better, have more energy and zest for life. Just begin getting the product technologies and transition your home into a greenhouse for your family. It is simple to do. I will show you how. All the best! Linda

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