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This is the strict list of items to avoid during the first phase of this eating plan, until you have reached your weight loss goal. Vegetarians have a more limited protein list, if you continue to have success, you add in some nuts, seeds, and cheese sticks. Goat cheese and sheeps cheese is less sluggish on the system than cows milk cheese. If this slows down your results..... I recommend you cut them out. You may just have to have more of the meal replacement and eggs for your protein.

  • No pasta, rice, all potatoes, legumes, breads, croutons or other carbohydrates.
  • No rooted vegetable of any kind, which includes beets and carrots.
  • No sweet peas and corn. (Includes popcorn)
  • No artichoke, avocado, chick peas parsnips, peas, corn (includes popcorn), pumpkin, squash & yams.
  • No fruits or fruit juices.
  • No cheese & other dairy - (1 oz. of 1/2 & 1/2 in coffee or tea only). Real Sheeps Feta cheese in moderation.
  • No nuts or seeds
  • No Sodas (no regular nor diet).
  • No alcohol, wine or beer
  • No bottled dressings unless 0 carbs/ 0 sugars/ 0 fat,
  • No Balsamic or Redwine Vinegar….

Hint: Walden Farms markets sugar-free, carb-free, and fat-free products such as salad dressings, barbeque sauce, fruit spreads, dips, condiments, peanut butter, and chocolate, flavored, and pancake syrups.

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