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The Relax Sauna List of do's and don'ts.

Do remove all metal jewelry that may get hot.

Do have water nearby to drink.

The preferred sauna session is 15-20 minutes. Going 30 minutes will not harm you.

Make sure you have a hand towel going around the neck to protect the neck hole area of the sauna tent from sweat.

If you end up having a hot area on your body that is getting very hot, you may wrap a towel around that area to slow down the heat, or you can turn off one conductor to continue the session but reduce the heat, turn off the conductor on the side of the hot spot. This is an area of blocked circulation, after repeated and continual use, this will dissipate as this area repairs

Never to try to reduce the time on the timer. If you need to stop, turn off the power switch(es) or just get out.

Plug the sauna into a power surge strip to protect from electrical storms.

Don’t use cleaning products to clean. Just water and a sponge to wipe down if needed. Sometimes there can be extra discoloration around the zippers on the inside or around the neck area, so I would put a bit of laundry soap on a sponge for that area in that instance. may even feel your body start to relax even though you are starting to sweat. This is the beauty of far infrared and negative ions.

ENJOY.....repeat as often as possible.

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