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Why is drinking water so vital?

Why is there such an emphasis placed on drinking water?

My family's number one beverage has always been water. As I passed through my teenage years and into my early 20's I rebelled against this concept. Unfortunately so did my health and vitality. We all know that everything is energy. The energy our bodies are made up of are 70-90% water, depending on what part of the body we are talking about. If your body is that much water.....why would we think that we don't need to replenish it....with water. Nothing else counts as water. This isn't ice tea, or coffee or soda or juice or is simply water. Since we are not all the same size, weight or build the amount each of us needs is different. There is a simple way to figure out how much water your body needs each day. Take your body weight, divide that amount in two and that is how many ounces of water your body needs each day just to survive. If you are taking medications, that glass of water doesn't really count since it is necessary to assist the body in breaking down and absorbing that medication. If you are someone who has headaches, back aches, memory issues, etc, your body may just need more water! There is a great book called "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" by F. Batmanghelidj MD.

Although finding good water can be a challenge today too. We have all been to the movies and seen the "fun fact" that we are drinking the same water as the Dinosaurs drank billions of years ago. There is no new water on Earth, it has all been through many, many, many cycles of evaporation, condensation, bodies, rain, snow, sleet and cycles before we drink it again. Even rain water today has passed through our pollution layer in the sky and when it finds it way to the ground it may be what we call acid rain. I remember being in Athens, Greece many years ago. They were repairing the Parthenon and the Acropolis due to acid rain. Hmmmm. I speak with many people from all over North America that say "We have really good water in our community". Well, ok, I just don't believe that knowing what I know! I may not say anything, but....when were the pipes last changed in that community, neighborhood or home? Have you seen the inside of water pipes? Yuck! It all needs filtered. Water from a well.....that water table can change daily too, due to what is in the ground around it. Are the local farmers, lawn keepers, using any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, another sad fact, although chemicals were only invented about 230'sh years ago. There are now chemicals in every living thing on Earth. They cannot be avoided. So back to point of use filtering. It is a necessity to filter your drinking and showering water.

I have known of the importance of drinking filtered water since my Mother In Law warned me about drinking the tap water when she was dying of cancer. She lived on Long Island, New York where at the time they had the largest concentration of cancer in the country. She knew the common denominator was the water. What we didn't know at the time was that one fifteen hot shower of unfiltered chlorinated water actually gave us more toxins than drinking 8 glasses a day of tap water for 30 days. Wow. Of course showering in water softened with salt can cause other health concerns including memory issues.There are simple solutions to our water and they don't come in a plastic bottle.

Hmmmm, when I began this blog I thought it would be short, but as I am going along, there is another aspect to consider, that I have to share, so hang in there!

Water filtration is the most economical and safest way to process the water you drink and shower in. However, once that water is filtered it has been stripped of it's minerals and it's life. It is now dead sad. Some processes actually electrocute the water, that is scary and sad. You want a process that is mimicking Mother Nature. Let's go to a stream at the top of a Mountain. The water is passing through the mineral bed which is naturally filtering the water and  mineralization of the water, the Sunlight from above is adding it's vital energy into that mountain stream water, the water comes to a beautiful waterfall and flows down below where that churning action breaks up the water clusters which also allows oxygenation to occur which creates health living oxygenated water and this is where you see the most lush vegetation and an abundance of animals drinking this healthy living water. Isn't this what you would like for you and your family to drink? So who has a mountain with a stream in their kitchen? Well I do! Lol, I was lucky enough to find a Japanese Health Research Institute called NIKKEN that has prided itself for over 35 years on creating technologies to mimic Mother Nature.They have drinking water and shower water and even on the go sport water bottle filtration systems. They are very economical and not only have ultra-fine filtration to remove the bad stuff, they then add back the life with minerals, natural ionization and magnetism which creates that living, smaller clustered, oxygenated water of life.

Since I have come this far....and so have you! Here is a  link to this economical, best living water. Enjoy! Drink Water and LIve!

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