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The difference between the sit down sauna and the lay down sauna are very few. The major difference is the lay down version contains one 1000 watt conductor whereas the sit down version contains two 750 watt conductors. Some individuals prefer to lay down or have limited space or like to take this version with them when they travel. The lay down version will all fit on top of a standard size massage table..Far infrared saunas are superior to infrared saunas and to conventional saunas.This is a home sauna and a portable sauna. The Relax FIR sauna is indisputably the best of all saunas. ·  Portable·  No pre-heating needed which saves time· Even energy produced ·  Improves blood circulation ·  Increases metabolism ·  Induces profuse sweating ·  For relaxation·  Burns calories without lactic acid production·  Safe for people of all ages. Since there is no heating of the head, safe for everyone.  RELAX Portable DETOX FIR SAUNA  -  Stands Heads and Shoulders above all other Saunas in effectiveness ! We Call The Relax Sauna the ONLY Portable Professional Model Sauna, since it is the ONLY Portable Sauna that we know of that generates 100% safe & absorbable Far Infrared Light.  After 8 years of selling the Relax Sauna, we were shocked to discover that other portable "FIR" sauna generates only about 30% far infrared Light.  They use a far infrared cloth which covers a metalic grid, or hotplate or even worse a space heater.  It appears that there is no legal definition of what a FIR Sauna is.  When you see a sauna advertised as FIR, It means to me that it is at least 25% FIR Energy being generated. Each company"Should" be able to tell you what percentage of the generated light is FIR light (healing light), which means the remaining generated light CANNOTbe absorbed by your body. Research indicates the FIR Sauna can help: Discharge toxins from the body (especially heavy metals). Lose weight & beautify the skin and body. Prevent illnesses. Prevent early aging.Relax sauna normally sells for $1500-2000.. We have special permission to sell on line for only $1499. The best sauna, at the best price for your home. You can use it every day, even twice a day. Life is good!(Please consult a physician if you have health concerns or implanted electronic devices)

Relax Far Infrared Portable Lay down Sauna

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